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!FUCK gertrude23!  

!FUCK windows!  

!FUCK you for putting me second always!  


!FUCK wut!  

!FUCK i need more meat!  

!FUCK your asshole!  

!FUCK you asshole.!  

!FUCK girlwontfuckgivephonenume!  

!FUCK fuck me!  

!FUCK your face!  

!FUCK I've not been laid in almost 5 months now.!  

!FUCK recursive recursiveness!!  

!FUCK recursive recursiveness!!  

!FUCK !FUCKthislife!!  

!FUCK In app purchases, it's a shady business model and I have kids damnit.!  

!FUCK Rovio!  

!FUCK you, "Boss"!!  

!FUCK fuck!  

!FUCK Im horny as fuck and want cock in my ass!!