*Get it off your chest and send it into the ether or put that extra shot of sugar in your coffee and send it anonymously. Stand up for yourself! We won't tell.
!FUCK Republicans!  

!FUCK being duped!!  

!FUCK this life!  

!FUCK people who take things off my desk!  

!FUCK Toffee Nuts Hot Sauce F.C.!  

!FUCK you!  

!FUCK fuck the flu!!  

!FUCK fuck the flu!!  

!FUCK little people!  

!FUCK you, Kristle, for telling Michael I went out with Jackie & Toni. You Suck!  

!FUCK That WWII bomb!  

!FUCK Celtic. Mcdonald can stick a carrot up his arse!!  

!FUCK the giants!  

!FUCK Yetis!  

!FUCK whoever insists on making mud in the coffee machine!! STOP IT!  

!FUCK leaf logos!!  

!FUCK The fucker who bashed into my car last night while i slept!!  

!FUCK Starlight and electricity!!!