*Get it off your chest and send it into the ether or put that extra shot of sugar in your coffee and send it anonymously. Stand up for yourself! We won't tell.


!FUCK eveyrhting!  

!FUCK my life!  

!FUCK this!  

!FUCK This website!  

!FUCK this website!  

!FUCK waffles!  

!FUCK the internets!  

!FUCK Dusty!  

!FUCK Cleaveland!  

!FUCK packing for texas bitch!!  


!FUCK ryan ortiz!  

!FUCK nicholasssses waffles!  

!FUCK bo bernstien!  

!FUCK God damned motherfucking peice of fucking ass shit dumbfuck fucking like a fucking whore....fuck yourself bitch.!  

!FUCK fuck!  

!FUCK die slowly bitch!  

!FUCK anthony muthafuckin james wit his gay ass!